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Welcome to Garage Door Repairs Edenvale. No matter what problem you may have with your garage door, we can fix it. And if we can’t, we can replace it. Whether its domestic garage doors or industrial roller shutters. Our staff and technicians have been industry trained to repair any type of door. With years of experience and strong reputation. If this is your first time, we will be gentle. Go with the best trust Garage Repairs Edenvale. When you need any type of Garage Door repaired. Our Edenvale Garage Door Repairs is the Security Equipment Installers to call. We have the expertise and resources to take on any size project. From general garage door repairs. To After Hours Garage Door Repairs. Emergency Garage Door Repairs. Repairs to Damaged Roller Shutter Doors. Sectional Garage Door Repairs. Repair of shutters and broken door springs. Our technicians are reliable and will come out to your location in no time.

Edenvale Garage Door Repair Services Common Problems?

Noisy Garage Door

If you hear your garage door start making a loud noise then it can be that something has broken. Loud noises can be a sign something needs servicing and lubrication. It can also be signs of worn-out-hinges. Since rollers run along metal tracks, they wear out and become noisy. If it’s not rolling like new, it needs attention. Reversing Garage Door This is when, for example, your garage door is opening and before it gets to the top. It starts closing by itself. This problem is something as simple as an obstruction. Buildup on the track or the margin may need adjusting.

Garage Door Maintenance

We recommend every twelve months. You should have your garage doors maintained to keep running. Our Garage Door Maintenance Service includes the cleaning of the door. Lubrication of various parts. Re-tensioning of Springs. Lifting cable check. Nuts, Bolts and Screws check. Checking on the pulley wheels, re-alignment of tracks, adjusting the drive chain. Beam check and control board check to name a few. All our maintenance services come with a 12-month workmanship warranty.

Garage Door Hindges & Panels

Sectional Garage Doors are made from panels and are held together by hinges. Hinges easily break due to rust and age and are relatively easy to replace if it’s one or two. Garage Door Panels can easily become damaged due to moisture, general wear and tear or if a vehicle drives into it. Unless you know who the original manufacturer is, it’s best to replace all panels. The reason for this is to replace 1 panel is more expensive than replacing all panels. Nor only will the door work better, it will also last longer. Often times its hard to find the matching panels and instead of having one odd panel out you have to replace all of them.

Garage Door Springs

There are many reasons why a Garage Door Spring Breaks or Snaps includes the age of the spring. Garage Door Springs not adjusted correctly or maintained. Temperature changes or wear and tear over time. If you’ve got a rusted Garage Door Spring. A Dented Torion Pipe or Rusted Torsion Pipe. We highly recommend we replace it for you, as it can break easily. This is important as the Garage Door Spring or Torsion Spring is under an immense amount of pressure. Which can cause major injury to people or damage your car. Garage Door Springs that have snapped or broken will cause the door not to move at all. Most often, Garage Door Springs break when the door is already down, however they still can snap when the door is up or moving. This will cause the door to come down at a speed followed by a loud crashing noise.

Garage Door Cable

Garage Door Cables also usually break when the Garage Door is opening. A Garage Door Cable will break from years of use and normal wear and tear. If your Garage Door Cable is broken, both cables will need to be replaced to ensure that the proper tension and balance to prevent the other cable from snapping. Most often, if you are having problems with one garage door, we need to attend to both garage doors. Depending on the type of Garage Door you have the cables that will either wind around the cable drum or wind around the pulley wheels becoming worn and needing replacement. No matter what problem you’re having with your Garage Door Cable, we are experts in Garage Door Repairs! We will come out and assess the problem and give you a competitive hassle free quote to have the Garage Door Cable repaired.

Garage Door Off-Tracks

Garage Doors often go off their tracks when someone has driven into the door. Or if there is an obstruction when the door is closing. As well as if the cable has snapped. A garage door that has gone of its tracks is not only unstable but dangerous and must be attended to quickly before damage to people or property is caused. Here at Garage Door Repairs in Edenvale we advise at all times to keep obstructions like rubbish bins or bicycles clear from the IR beams and doors. In many cases when someone has driven into the garage door, depending on the damage, a new garage door will need to be installed. Qualified and experienced professionals must always carry out Garage Door Repairs like Garage Door Repairs Edenvale. To ensure that everything works properly and stays operational for a long time.

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Gate Motors Edenvale stands behind the brands we supply as well as the services we provide. For this reason all parts and products we supply carry a manufacturer warranty. For a period specified by the manufacturer. All services provided by us carry a 1-year (12-Month) workmanship warranty. What this means for you is should anything go wrong within that period of time. We will repair or replace it at no charge to you, T’s and C’s APPLY. Arfe you an existing client of ours? Have you bought from us? Did you keep your invoice number? To get a copy of your warranty, please complete the foem below.

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